The tools for learning

The first tool I viewed as one of my favorites was, which I discovered in this class. This is a website where individuals may post things and afterward openly or privately comment and express ideas on the work. I am certainly a big admirer of this tool and also really absolutely loved the task that was posted on it, I really enjoyed that we’d all share thoughts and opinions within the areas we marked and that we could all see one another’s points of view and you could even notice different ideas and perceptions on the very same point and it really got me thinking how huge the power of perception is and that everyone can interpret the same thing in a different way and it has truly succeeded in making something as simple as reading way more engaging, collaborative and enjoyable. Utilizing hypothesis, I feel I gained the ability to perceive the world from the perspective of others, such as when I comment on how I perceived a particular phrase, whilst someone expresses something entirely different. I felt that I put myself in their place and attempted to perceive it the same manner in an attempt to comprehend how they saw & understood this exact point in that way. I also improved my capability of expressing my thoughts as well as properly articulating my ideas as we were permitted to do so with no boundaries but also to accept everybody else’s observations. What I didn’t really like in this tool is that once a lot of people annotate, it turns very disorganized and one can’t properly find in which area each point lies, making it highly confusing. I assume it could even be formed in a far more structured manner or different groups for the same reading in order to maintain the organization as well as orderliness of the annotations. I would absolutely utilize these tools in the future. I will indeed be using this tool in other courses since it truly made me love reading the reading that we were assigned. Especially since I am not a big fan of reading so this form of interactive reading would be a huge push for me. It also made me want to discuss the subject of the readings rather than just skim through them to finish the task quickly. Finally, I think is extremely beneficial for small classes and groups but not for large ones as the more the number of people the harder it is to read most comments and the less organized it becomes.

One other tool I found very amusing was slack. This is software that I learned in class. It’s much more common than I expected! Slack, I suppose, served as a digital shared workplace and greatly aided the course by allowing us to maintain contact, stay up-to-date, and sometimes even ask questions. I truly really loved reading the discussions I missed afterward and the discussions I participated in, I gained the knowledge of wanting to share I personally found fascinating, and reading other people’s thoughts and ideas and thinking about them. I believe I also obtained the knowledge of learning how slack should be used as it had been a new software for me and was able to easily utilize it. I loved how we could create many channels to keep things organized and simple to find as it was extremely structured, as well as to conduct multiple talks about various topics at the same time.  I furthermore enjoyed that I can somehow connect my Slack working space to plenty of other beneficial apps like Calendar and Google Docs, which I found to be incredibly helpful, beneficial and would have made catching up with posted assignments much simpler however unfortunately most assignments were posted on blackboard, so I didn’t get to use that option. Yet another point I also accidentally found and very much liked was the option to set reminders in messages where I could enter when I want the app to remind me of a certain event or message and the reminder for it would just pop up, which I believe was extremely beneficial for the course and would be extremely useful in the actual work life, which I believe is someday. I might even plan to introduce it in all of my courses because our WhatsApp groups are always very chaotic and crucial information gets lost all the time, so we can have a channel for deadlines, assignments group work, important announcements for us, and maybe an information channel where we share interesting stuff that can be beneficial for others. I feel slack is surprisingly good for the work/study setting, however, it is not exactly suited to informal discussion and casual conversations.

Another tool that is also a secret core 2096 jackpot is Soliya. Soliya is a platform that enables discussions between individuals from across the globe. I truly gained many skills from Soliya, like how to be open to talking with my webcam turned on for several hours, how to share my viewpoints and insight in a manner that participants who speak different languages than I do or have different backgrounds could very well comprehend me, how to thoughtfully hear to individuals with different accents, as well as how to arrange discussion in a manner that enables the greatest benefit to all parties. I appreciated that Soliya had a moderator since it helped the sessions run even more smoothly and enabled us to successfully discuss a variety of topics. I also really liked the moderator because she allowed one person to speak at a time because it allowed us to attentively listen and talk only when we have an answer and respected the person speaking as there were no interruptions, what I did not like is that the session was extremely long. I believe we would have managed to finish everything on the schedule in only 1 hour but the sessions were overly stretched. In the future, I might use soliya again however next time I might try to be the moderator to tackle the experience from a different perspective

One more tool I enjoyed in this course is WordPress I have already heard about it before the course but had never had to utilize it so much; I truly discovered the entire beauty of writing articles and blog posts through this platform; Myself I don’t consider me being much of a person who writes but blogging tends to make it lighter than academic papers; it also allows us to engage with everyone’s articles and see each other’s progress along the way, and perhaps some replies actually inspire others; I actually started to get better at writing and reflecting. Something I enjoyed about this platform was that it was unique and fairly simple to utilize when creating and posting the content, with several templates, pictures, and privacy choices. I really enjoyed the option of password-protected postings since you can choose who sees the sensitive posts, despite not using it in any of mine. Nevertheless, I believe that WordPress may not be the simplest to use. because several things are not properly labeled or were hard to find, and often I experienced a wide range of technical issues like posts being sent to draft despite choosing to publish them, I really don’t like that one cannot choose his own name in the demo version since I see this as the foundation of the blog and should be free. I feel WordPress is appropriate for any and all sorts of blogs, and blogging could be a part of almost every business. I would absolutely utilize WordPress for more courses in the future and try to introduce it to my professors, especially in my IMC major where we can get creative in the assignments we have to do. However, I would not utilize it for my personal usage because I am not a big fan of writing and I don’t like writing at all.

Finally, Google slides was one tool I enjoyed in this class. Despite my previous knowledge of google slides, I have never used it in the way we used it in class. I discovered how to make an easy but full operational game with google slides. In my opinion, this is an excellent way to learn and also a very creative one. Games are very interactive and fun. They are also a lot more informative than presentations and PowerPoint. Games put you in the character’s shoes and it is easier for a person to remember a scenario better if he is the one who has to use the information rather than people just presenting it to him. I never saw myself as a person who could create a game or design it however google slides made it very easy to be able to do so. Again, I really enjoyed the uniqueness and simplicity of this platform when it came to the creation and posting of the content, with several templates, pictures, and privacy choices. One thing I learned about myself is that I should never think something is too hard for me to do because there is always an easy alternative one can use to reach his goal of course a person like me who has no previous knowledge of game creation won’t be so brilliant in programming etc. however with a very simple tool like google slides I can create a simple game that would be more than enough for the information and knowledge I’m trying to spread. Indeed I will use google slides in the future while trying to convince my professors in other courses to give us assignments like that I think creating games with google slides for classes is a much better way to receive information and let them stick in a fun and interactive way.

The utilization of various tools has taught me that there are always numerous ways to finish a task. Also, tasks can be done in a very creative way and don’t have to be boring and consuming. I also learned that a lot of tools can be used in harmony with each other to create a better outcome. Finally the most thing I learned about myself is that I really like interactive assignments and enjoy them and that I really enjoy working with others and hearing from them and learning how they perceive things rather than working alone.

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